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Founded in 1997, we have helped thousands of high school student athletes realize their dreams of participating in college athletics. In our 20 plus years, we have helped 96% of our clients sign to play college athletics. We have a proven method that begins with being selective about who we sign. We aren’t here to be a cash grab like the larger companies that offer similar services. Our philosophy has always been, “We’d rather help 10 kids and make $100 each than help one kid and make $1000.”

We offer free evaluations, and only offer one level of service: a complete profile and promotional service that maximizes the chances of your child being noticed by as many college coaches as possible. We will be honest and straightforward throughout the process. We aren’t going to sell you the idea of a Power Five Division I school if that’s not a realistic possibility.

We do, however, have the ability to contact every coach at every level of college athletics, from Division I to Junior College. We base our decisions on who we take on as clients based on their athletic ability, their academic records, and the quality of person they are. We want those willing to do the work needed to get their opportunity.


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